Creative Director: Josh DiMarcantonio
Creative Director: Jason Karley
Associate Creative Director: Gordy Sang
Associate Creative Director: Brian Siedband
Sr. Art Director: Jeremiah Wassom
Sr. Copywriter: Trey Tyler
Pacific Standard Time is a celebration of the epicenter of most of the influential art works from 1945-1980. It combined over 60 galleries throughout Southern California to put on the largest art show ever. The mobile app focused heavily on the social and creative aspects of the collaboration, allowing users to easily find events they're interested in, share content and even participate in the creative environment themselves. Featuring exclusive maps and technology that simplified finding interesting parts of the show, the mobile website let users create their own Pacific Standard Time experience.

Women are more than pretty faces. Most makeup brands ignore, or don't recognize, this fact. Where others see "pretty", we saw the potential for "beauty". The campaign flipped current makeup advertising on its head by casting the five models totally blind. Selected for the assets that truly make them beautiful, these Forces of Beauty have become more than faces on an ad - they're a representation of women everywhere and those invisible elements within each that work together to create true beauty.

Across print, television, digitally and socially, the Force of Beauty campaign facilitated the sharing of beauty and complimenting every woman for those things that make them forces of beauty in their own world. From QR codes on print that led to video experiences or a constantly-evolving Facebook app featuring the bareMinerals community, the campaign was a force in itself.

To promote the launch of Halo: Reach, AKQA had the opportunity to take over YouTube’s homepage and gave users the chance to extend the fun of the game onto the site. The intent was to create an entertaining and interactive banner unit that would appeal to the general public as well as hardcore Halo fans. For inspiration, we looked to one of the most popular elements of the franchise—multiplayer mode. Users unlocked special badges for interacting with the banner unit, mimicking the badges they received when they played the actual game. The iconic voiceover from the game was used to keep the concept authentic. In just one day, there were over 57 million impressions and over 16,000 hours were spent exploring the banner. Fans created forums, video captures, even stayed up all night to unlock all achievements. Within 12 hours, they’d unlocked, catalogued and shared all 28 badges and 81 sound bites.

The idea was that, through the use of Nike, women are transformed to face challenges. Monsters, asteroids, robots and even oversize kittens are no match for a woman with drive and a purpose.

Gap was once known for being the brand for denim. When they created their line of 1969 Denim, they needed to let people know the entire line had been updated. We updated their Facebook page and created an interactive section where users can look at details up close, comment on styles, like and share all the different cuts.

I supervised the shoot, oversaw the compositing, color correction, rotoscoping and mattes as well as the editing and implementation of video into the site.

Mega Man x motion graphics = awesome

For the Halo: ODST release, we created an integrated digital campaign highlighting the memories of the different soldiers. The visitors to the site could interact with each soldier's memories of combat. I oversaw the shoot, edited the video, and final compositing, effects, color correction and motion graphics.

For the launch of Halo: Reach, our challenge was to excite our core fans and capture the imaginations of new recruits worldwide. We brought them together to create a live collaborative monument honouring the fallen heroes of the game.

Over 20 days, visitors to RememberReach.com selected coordinates they wished to light on a 3D virtual monument. A giant robot then lit the coordinates to create a unique point of light tagged with each visitor’s name. In time, the full monument was revealed.

Over a million people visited the site, sending the campaign viral on social networks across the web. Halo: Reach launched with record sales and generated over $200m in the first 24 hours.

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